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Best 3DS Games - Nintendo 3DS XL

3DS Games To Buy - Know What You're Buying

Wake up.  Pluck some weeds, talk to neighbors, dig up fossils, sell beetles, pay off your 11th house loan.  Looks like we got another Animal Crossing on our hands.  How do these games keep selling?!

I own a 3DS

Okay, so you have one of nearly 7 million copies sold.

Lets pretend like you don’t though.  Would I recommend this game to someone who already has one of the best handhelds?  Yes.  It is simply fun.  Instead of playing online virtual games like Animal Jam, which can give you a bunch of diamonds and gems, even the free memebership with animal jam codes. While all the stuff I listed off might sound boring to a newcomer of the series, everyone that has played it knows this game is so carefree that those little chores are actually enjoyable.  Only thing pushing you in this game is paying off house loans and building town projects.  Now someone who actually hasn’t played this new one out there is probably saying “Town projects?!”.

Let me explain; in this game you’re not only moving into a new town, you’re also being made mayor if you’re the first person to make a character on your 3DS.  This task you with making little projects around the town like stop signs or upgrading the museum that you will fund.  Now this doesn’t take away from the carefree nature of the game it just adds another goal you can work towards at your own pace.

Should I be carefree with my wallet and buy a 3DS for this?

Absolutely not.  While there are so many little new additions in this game like K.K slider has his own club now, and the streetpass feature adds houses of actual players you pass with your 3DS so you can get a digital tour of random peoples pads.. even with my love for this series; it is hard to recommend this as a system seller.  The game even has good 3D with the text boxes popping up right out at you but not really getting in the way.  This game has it all!  But so does its past few entries.  You can literally go pick up a copy of the one on the gamecube, ds, or wii and get nearly the same experience.(Minus the swimsuit.. I forgot to mention… you can swim in this game too!)

Stop and go?

Very stop and go.  The original DS Animal Crossing was also portable but had one thing seriously lacking; an analog stick.  With the 3DS this version is perfect for mobile play!  Not to mention in this one you can save and quit whenever you like.  So during the one commercial break during a World Cup game you can pick some weeds then close that sucker up and get back to watching some FIFA.  Not to mention the carefree nature really lends itself well to handhelds.

3DSers, non-3DSers, and everyone in between.  There you have it!  A great game that is definitely a sell if you have the system, not quite a system seller, and pretty darn mobile!  If you have a 3DS and don’t have this game, what are you even doing?Animal Crossing / Sim lite / Streetpass |           

You’ve found the games, now you need the system.  You’re probably going to be looking through ebay, amazon, and maybe even gamestop for a cheap one, or maybe just one big enough to fit in your palms!  So there are now three basic options, which one do you choose?


Strapped for cash but want to play the latest Mario Golf?  This is the 3DS model for you.  Nearly a hundred dollars cheaper than the others, this is a penny pincher dream come true!  Though with this system you well be sacrificing portability and variation.  Portability because this sucker ditches the clam shell style of its brothers and sisters and goes for a flat i-pad like style except it’s still sporting two screens.  And variation just isn’t quite there yet because this is the newest version of the 3DS.(Oh and this one doesn’t have 3D..)


The basic ol’ 3DS.  The OG.  This one has the variation market on lock since it was the first, and it’s good for people with smaller hands.  Aside from that this one doesn’t really have any advantage over the other two.  Doomed to be stuck in its pals shadows until the holiday season.


My personal favorite.  Possibly ’cause it’s the best!  A bit more pricey than the 2DS, but other then that this one has everything going on.  It has a nice amount of variation.  It’s great for big hands, normal hands, and I’d even push it and say if you small hands you’d want this one just because the screen is so much bigger.  And even with its size clamping it up into its little shell form makes this a very portable system.  I recommend this one full heartily.  Unless you’re still broke when Super Smash Bros for the 3DS comes around… then pick the 2DS up.

Hopefully this helped you out and it’s now clear what system you’ll be picking up or getting shipped out.  As for variations…  will get to that later.  There are too many stacks on stacks of that for me to handle in one post!3DS and Friends |           
E3 2014 is on it’s second day now. Despite Nintendo not actually being there they have released information on plenty of new upcoming games for the 3DS. Meaning you may just have a reason to pick up a 3DS very soon. Here is a round up of 3DS games getting hyped up amongst all the gaming news E3 brings!Pokemon Omege Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Announced a little while ago E3 has brought us a trailer of the game showing off the new mega evolutions, updated graphics, and what looks to be gyms updated to be like the latest pokemon titles with elaborate puzzles and gimmicky stuff abound!  If you haven’t picked up a 3DS yet for Pokemon X and Y I’m sure this heavy dosage of nostalgia will have you driving up to your local Gamestop to pick one up.

Smash Brothers for the 3DS

A game that’s been being hyped up well before E3 dropped a bunch of information today like new modes, Lady Palutena from the Kid Icarus series being a playable character, and Mii fighters!  Bad news was dropped today as well though with it being announced the smash bros 3ds release date has been pushed back to October the 3rd.  With it still being released before the Wii U version that still leaves plenty of reason to pick up a 3DS just for this game.  I’m sure it will be a system seller.

Fantasy Life

A Japanese exclusive release up until today when news was dropped that this Animal Crossing RPG lite would be coming to North America.  Oh and it’s a Level-5 developed game; the people behind games such a Dark Cloud and the Professor Layton series.  Will this be a system seller?  Probably not unless Nintendo markets the crap out of it.

Pokemon Art Academy

A game where you draw pokemon.  Woo.  Not a system seller but I bet you this will sell insanely well just like any other Pokemon related content.

Persona Q

Another RPG!  I’m not complaing, more the merry.  I’ve never played the series but this might be a system seller just based on the fact that Japan got a Persona Q 3DS XL soooo.. this series must be big.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Not a system seller.  Not even a purchase I’d say.  I guess will have to wait till it comes out but I can’t see why you couldn’t just go buy the original game, I don’t think a sequel was necessary here.  It’s a rhythm game, what more can you do!

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Speaking of the Professor Layton series; Level-5 and Capcom fans rejoice!  Though both of these series aren’t really mainstream triple A successor stories, they both have big cult followings.  This one is going be moving systems, I’m calling it now!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Masochistic here you have it; a game that’s probably going to be super hard to play on the 3DS without accessories.  Amazon better be ready to ship out some 3DS systems, with this and the 3rd entry on it I’m sure Monster Hunter fans are finally going to be getting around to picking it up.  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release date is sometime in early 2015 for North America.

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom for the 3DS.  The last few Sonic entries were met with better reviews than usual, so here is to high hopes! (I see they added some new pals to the game though, that doesn’t bode well for them.)

And there you have it that’s E3 2014 on the 3DS side in a nutshell.  Minus all the Nintendo eShop shovelware.  Who knows though maybe “Blast ‘Em Bunnies” will be game of the year.E3 / pocket monsters / Sonic |           

Nintendo approaches online very differently than their competitors.  Some times a bad thing.  Some times a good thing as features such as streetpass have proven.  Streetpass, Nintendo’s answer to online communication is very bare bones when it comes to the communication part.  You walk around with your 3DS powered up and closed and you pick up other people doing the same thing.  The communication part is very minimum with your first run in with another 3DS it has a player’s Mii- their avatar,   spout off some custom greeting to all the player has set with some random facts about the person they picked from a couple of selections like “I LIKE DOGS”.  Second run in you can send off a specific message to this single person, and you get to rate if the person is “cool or not” and if you don’t pick cool, you’re a dick.  That all said, simple is better some times.  ANY-WHO why does any of this matter?  Because streetpass lets you play things like Puzzle Swap with the Mii’s you collect from other people’s 3DS systems!

A puzzle game, I don’t want to spend money on a puzzle game!

Good- you don’t have too.  The Streetpass feature comes pre-installed with Puzzle Swap.  There honestly isn’t too much to do in the game though, you fill panels up with puzzle pieces to look at 3D pictures, you get one piece from each Mii you collect and you can only get pieces that the person themselves have.  Worried your low populated town isn’t going to have your *Mii Plaza bursting with other people’s Mii characters?  Or you fearful that if you’re anywhere besides Japan, people aren’t typically just carrying their 3DS systems around with them?  Fear not!  Just walking with your 3DS(or tapping it on your knee) will give you Play Coins which you can use to buy random puzzle pieces!  Also despite the game being free, Nintendo is regularly releasing new puzzles for you to fill.

The Pusher

You’re on the edge.  You just need that one game that will nudge you off the cliff and send you nose diving into hefty entertainment purchases.  You know like… the 3DS.  Don’t jump just yet, this game itself is not a system seller.  Indeed it is not, but it along with the other mini-games you can buy in Mii Plaza and the Streetpass feature as a whole is.  The fresh spin on player communication I believe is enough to drop a couple hundred on this system.  The whole motivation to get people moving.  The daily check ups you’ll be doing, looking to see what’s new in Mii Plaza like in the shop where you can spend tickets you earn from playing games like Puzzle Swap to buy little props and hats for your Mii.  Something you truly just need to experience for yourself.

Is Puzzle Swap like a Go-gurt?

No, it’s not edible.  Yes, it is a very on the go experience.  Tired from picking up all the free swag at booths at PAX?  Pop open your 3DS check out Streetpass to see all you’ve picked up then send them to Puzzle Swap to get some panels filled in, couple minutes later, get back out there and get some more free stuff!  Including more Streetpass connects!

This slice of pizza isn’t a system seller, free and fast it is, but this slice just isn’t enough.  The whole pizza, almost as free and just as fast is.  Don’t get a 3DS for Puzzle Swap, get it for Streetpass.Streetpass |           

Despite this acid trip of a game coming out the year I was born I never got to play this Game Boy title.  Without any nostalgia for the game I just kept thinking “Man, I could be playing Super Mario 3D Land”.  I should have been having a blast, it’s a cheap eShop Mario game!  This definitely couldn’t move the 3DS off shelves, is there anything redeeming about this weird zany entry into the Mario series?!

Hold on to my eShop credits?

Yes, 100 times yes.  There are so many more Mario games on the 3DS you could get, this one by far has the worst platforming of any Mario game I’ve played.   Tight controls still present, but some of the platforms you’ll be jumping didn’t seem thought out themselves.  Not to mention this bit in Wario’s Castle with these three fist that will keep pummeling you to your death sending you back to the beginning and then when you run out of your lives all the 6 coins you went around getting by defeating bosses to get to Wario’s Castle in the first place will all be scattered and you have to get them all over again!  How did anyone play this on the original Game boy!  AHHHHHH! /rantover

Why isn’t this a system seller?

Did you not see all that was said above, what else do you need?!  Okay well to add on to what’s already been established; it’s an original Game Boy game, do you really want to plop down upwards of 200 dollars on some retro gaming?  I’d go as far as saying any game related post before this was a system seller compared to this out dated title.


• Unique enemies, example; Jason from Friday the 13th Goombas.  I repeat Acid Trip of a game.• Perfect for handhelds; short levels, short game in general, and the 3DS lets you save where ever you please.  (Hahahaha, screw you life system!)•Wario’s introduction!

So there you have it; do not buy this game.  Unless of course you’re just hurting for something fast to play while you wait for your delayed flight. (Or you know, if playing the weirdest Mario game is on your bucket list.)
When you realize the project x zone opening was made by the company TRIGGER you know you’re about to have a chaotic game on your hands.(TRIGGER is the maker of a very balls-to-the-wall anime called Kill La Kill)

Does chaotic lend itself well to handheld gameplay though? Does insane action mean you should get a 3DS just for the sole purpose of playing this game? Maybe if you’re actually insane.

It’s a pretty cheap full game on the eShop, should I get it?

If you’re asking that you probably already have a 3DS.. so sure!  It is one of the cheapest full games on the eShop so why not.  But maybe you’re someone that doesn’t just pick up any bargain game so you might want to know what this game is about, well.. it’s basically fire emblem lite aka chess on crack.  It has an all star cast of Capcom, Namco Bandai, and Sega characters along with remixed music of games from Dead Rising to Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts.  Seriously the project x zone music and really just the project x zone soundtrack as a whole is great.  Oh and the project x zone girls are all sexed up more then usually so there is something for everyone perv, music enthusiast, and branded character lovers alike!

Is this the one?

A system seller?  No.  There are plenty of tactical strategy games just like it on other systems like the aforementioned fire emblem series and this is pretty bare bones.  You enter a battle and slam on some buttons, it really is a lite version of fire emblem.  The game does feature some micro managing the RPG fans love but it doesn’t shy away from being a some what casual game even with that.   If you have a imported Japanese ps2 you can even go ahead and just play Namco x Capcom on that, it’s predecessor.

Too insane for handhelds?!

While the flashy, fast paced combat would make it seem like a perfect quickie of a game, it’s not.  One on one combat fights are over in a matter of seconds but the full fledged battles can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes.  The developers have combated this with quick saves but if you want to finish a full level whilst taking a poo, it’s not going to happen.

Not a system seller, not really compacted enough for handhelds, and not perfect;  I’d still say buy this if you have a 3DS maybe not if you’re not a fan of any of the above companies but I highly doubt you don’t like at least one of these characters in this game, I mean come on Frank West is in the game!  Shell out a few bucks and experience this wacky cross-dimensional story.  It’s the one of the best, if not the best cross-over game on the 3DS as of now.capcom characters / capcom megaman / sega retro.        

The newest spin-off of many in the Pokemon series you may already have grabbed it day one, or maybe you didn’t know about it since it’s a digital only title and now you’re like IT’S POKEMON I NEED IT!  Hold up though, don’t go dropping 200 on a 3DS for this game just yet…

I have this eShop card laying around.. should I pick this up?

Yes, if you have the extra cash I’d say buy the game if you own a 3DS.  In my opinion it should be a little bit cheaper since it’s just a “match-3″ game with a Pokemon twist, but whatever, end of the day it’s as cheap a Nintendo game you’re going to get.  Not to say the Pokemon brand doesn’t bring its own charm with the fact you need to complete certain goals to “catch” special Pokemon in levels or the fact that they bring the whole “rock-paper-scissors” formula to it for example; matching a certain amount of fire type Pokemon will take down a grass type Pokemon quicker then matching 3 and up of anything all willy nilly.

^ Oh, and that’s one other twist, you’re matching 3 in this game to take out Pokemon.

So, I should totally buy a 3DS just for this mini-game, right?

No, absolutely not.  Like I’ve said it’s just match-3 for the most part, so if you really have the urge to play that type of game so bad go play a free flash game or better yet if you own a DS you could go buy Pokemon Trozei for it and basically get the same experience minus the new Pokemon.

It’s a mini-game?

Yes, and let me clarify that I do not believe that’s a bad thing.  With how low the price is and it being on a handheld system “Pokemon Battle Trozei” is a great mini-game to own.  You can literally finish a match while waiting on your big mac at Mcdonalds.  Fast food, and fast gaming.  A little handheld gem.

Alas;  buy it if you have a 3DS you can play it on the go!pocket monsters |           

Own a 3DS and haven’t picked up this title and wondering if you should?  Wondering if this is a game to sell the system?  Or if it’s even really a handheld quality title?  Well will just have to see.

3DS Owners Must Own?

Fast answer; yes.  If you own a 3DS and don’t have this it should definitely be your next purchase.  It’s Mario, it’s reminiscent of Mario Galaxy for the Wii and even more so the special levels in Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube.  It’s a lot of fun and even has nice functional game enhancing 3D.  Seriously if you hate 3D give this a try here and there while playing, it adds depths to the platforms and makes for a better experience.

System Seller?

I’m going to go on a limb here and say yes to this too.  Normally I wouldn’t say yes to a game that is essentially treaded water on other platforms but even if you own the games I mentioned I’d still say this is a system seller.  It’s a perfect introduction to the 3DS with the 3D at it’s best, tight controls, and handheld nature.  More on that handheld thing…

Can I play this on the go?

What’s the point in a handheld title in the long run if you  can’t play it while out and about?  Well don’t worry if you want to play this game while busing it to work it’s perfect.  The levels normally don’t run longer then a few minutes and that’s even if you’re going for all the coin stars in the level which makes it perfect to pop in and finish a level and be on your way.  What more could you ask for from a 3DS title?  Buy a 3DS and buy this game!  It’s really great, and I do not think you will be disappointed.

If you’re seeing this you’re probably thinking about getting a 3DS or maybe you have a 3DS and just don’t know what games to get for it.

Well I’ll help you in your decision of what games to pick up in upcoming post, this brief post is going to explain what’s so great about the 3DS and why you should get one.

 No one does handheld like Nintendo

There isn’t much else to say on this point.  Look you can get PS Vita it’s not a bad system BUT even with it being around a pretty long time its library of games doesn’t come close to touching the 3DS.  Speaking of the huge library of games the 3DS has…

This system has been around since 2011!

You might be wondering why this matters, and I guess it wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the fact Nintendo has put in work.  Now back then I couldn’t try and sell you the system because they had a drought that was on course of being like the Wii U but Nintendo and 3rd party companies pulled through and made this a system that rivals home console libraries.

Buy a 3DS!

Okay maybe your still not convinced and maybe me fanboying over the 3DS isn’t going to make you go out and buy a 3DS.  What will sell you the system though is if you stick around and check out the games I’ll be highlighting that will sell you the system, and trust me there are quite a few.  Stay tuned.


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